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Weekend School for Adults

Individual Quran Class

Classes one-on-one with a Quran teacher.

We have Ijazah teachers.


Program tailored to each student. 

  1. Nouraniya for students who need it.

  2. Simple recitation for students who want to read through as much of the Quran as possible.

  3. Memorization for students who want to memorize the Quran. 

  4. Muraja3ah for students who have already memorized the Quran and want to revise it.

Tuition for Individual Quran Class

30 minutes on Saturday &
30 minutes on Sunday
One hour on either Saturday or Sunday

$630 per year

No Sibling or Children Discount is offered in this Class or its combinations

We have only one registration form for all students. You do not need to write parents' name when you are applying as an adult.

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