We accept student who are 5 years old or older and students who will turn 5 in the Fall.

Regular Quran and Islamic Studies Class

Students will be in a class with other students. They will have two hours of Quran and two hours of Islamic Studies. This type of class ensures several things:

  1. Social interaction with other Muslim kids

  2. Students learn Islamic Studies, so they get to understand our religion and our responsibilities as Muslims.

  3. Students learn Quran tajweed rules and tilawah (though it is not as intensive as the Individual Quran Class).

Age:   Pre-K= 5     KG= 6    Level 1= 7   Level 2= 8

Individual Quran Class

Thirty minute class on both Saturdays and Sundays (total one hour per student) one-on-one with a Quran teacher. Program tailored to each student. 

  1. Nouraniya for students who need it.

  2. Simple recitation for students who want to read through as much of the Quran as possible.

  3. Memorization for students who want to memorize the Quran. 

  4. Muraja3ah for students who have already memorized the Quran and want to revise it.

Arabic Class

Two hour class. Arabic 1 & Arabic 2.

Reading Quran is a prerequisite.

Vocabulary and simple grammar which will allow the students to understand what they read. The focus is only Juz Amma vocabulary and grammar. There is no focus on tajweed or tilawah. 

Tafseer Class

Two hour class that focuses on the interpretation of specific surahs in the Quran. The learning objective is to understand the messages that Allah is giving us in the Quran. The Quran is Allah's message to humans, and it is important for our kids to understand it.​

Possible Class Combinations

Regular Quran & Islamic Studies (Class 10am-2pm)

Tafseer Class

(May be offered online only-

age restrictions apply)

Individual Quran Classes & Arabic

(Pending seats availability)


(Reading Quran is a prerequisite)

Individual Quran Class & Islamic Studies (Pending available seats)

Individual Quran Classes & Tafseer 

(Class 10am-2pm)

Individual Quran Class

(30-minute class on Sat & Sun)

Arabic & Islamic Studies 

(Pending seats availability)

Arabic & Tafseer 

(Tafseer is online)